Order Sons of Italy in America - Lodge 138
Williamsport's Original Sons of Italy - Ufficiale Bersaglieri
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2015-16 Officers

MIchael Salvatori

Vice President
Kevin Mumbauer

Immediate Past President
Bob Smith

Eugene Ciccarelli

Ashley Schwanbeck

Paul Beiter

Financial Secretary
Kenneth M. DiRocco

Saundra Mauro

Phil Preziosi
Patti DeSanto
Rose Mumbauer
Lewis Hart
Graham Scwanbeck

Mistress of Ceremonies:
Mary Louise Ciccarelli

Master of Ceremonies
Joseph Bongiovi

Neil Dibble




Challenge yourself! The Lodge, which is one of the oldest in the U.S, has done just that this year. Our parents and grandparents challenged themselves to make a better future for their families, and they survived through hard work with a goal in mind. This Lodge has survived through the same hard work and will continue as such because we have challenged ourselves! Of course it will take finances, but most of all hard work, talking and respecting each other's wishes and opinions as well as working smart as a cohesive unit. Challenge yourself to bring not only ideas but action as well! Chairpeople are needed for our committees and help is available from Senior members. Just ask, as I am, to just Challenge yourself!

• Public Relations
• Education and Culture
• Charity
• Finance and Budget
• Membership
• Hospitality
• Sunshine
• Rainy Day
• Concession Events
• Trailer Maintenance
• Spaghetti Dinner




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